Attorney Michael Brown of DVG has represented client-plaintiffs in these recent cases:

  • Professional workers’ discrimination collective action against Google, Inc. (Federal Court, N.D. CA).

The lawsuit and original Complaint are referenced here.

  • Professional workers’ discrimination class action against Infosys, a large IT consultancy co. (Federal Court, E.D. Wisconsin).

The Second Amended Complaint was filed, as referenced here, after the company’s motion to dismiss was denied.

  • H-1B visa professionals’ forced labor and wage class action against health staffing co. (Federal Court, S.D. Indiana).

The Second Amended Complaint is here.

The workers were successful when the Court denied the company’s motion to dismiss.  The Court’s Order– preserving the workers’ forced labor, wage and contract claims– is here.

  • Subcontractor case against Parsons, prime contractor to U.S. Govt. (Federal Court, C.D. California).

The Complaint is here.  This case was resolved, prior to final Court resolution, after DVG filed a motion for summary judgment on behalf of the firm’s subcontractor-client.

  • CEO contract case against tribe- affiliated corporation (Wisconsin Supreme Court).

The Wisconsin Supreme Court decided in favor of the CEO represented by attorney Michael Brown of DVG.  The decision is here.

  • Contractor case against U.S. Govt., D.o.D. (Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals, Falls Church, VA).

Our client-contractor’s summary judgment brief is here.  This case has been resolved, prior to final administrative-judge’s resolution, after DVG’s filing of the motion for summary judgment.

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